"Seduce & Scheme"

Rap Sh!t Official PosterDecember 27, 2022
Written by Cameryn Richardson

In 1981, band Bill Summers & Summers Heat released "We Call It the Box", written by Bill Summers, Claytoven Richardson, Kevin Toney, and Larry Batiste. Khia (the artist behind the song "My Neck, My Back") sampled "We Call it The Box" as the basis of her mega-hit "K-Wang" in 2002. The song inspired a viral dance challenge and has since become a Florida party staple. Today, a sample of "K-Wang's" instrumental can be found in the song "Seduce & Scheme" by Shawna & Mia (characters played by actress Aida Osman and rapper KaMillion), written for Issa Rae's new comedy series Rap Sh!t.

Check out "Seduce & Scheme" from Rap Sh!t, now streaming on HBOMax. (Warning: Adult content on both links)

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