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The Professional Studio Vocalist
by Claytoven Richardson

Book Description

How do I become a studio singer? What must I do in preparation for that career? What should I know before I go into my first recording session? This one of a kind book answers these questions and many more in a direct, easy to follow manner. Aspiring professional singers are guided through a myriad of subjects including recording studio basics, professionalism, union basics, and of course, vocal techniques for both lead and background studio singing. Proper headphone use, how to blend with others, and choosing the right microphone are but a few of the techniques they will learn. The basic training and information anyone needs to pursue a career as a professional studio vocalist are here in this comprehensive book.


Karaoke Revolution Cover

Karaoke Revolution Presents: American Idol Encore


What so special about "Karaoke Revolution Presents: American Idol Encore"? Well, besides the fact that it's actually a cool video game, yours truly and a host of other Bay Area, California singers are featured on it. The game is a realistic recreation of the American Idol experience recreation with an all-new next generation game engine and 40 hits from the 70's, 80's, 90's and today. Grab the mics and challenge your friends and face the music as Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson critique your performances. All of the songs were produced by the Bay Area's own, Nick Thomas and Raz Kennedy and you can catch me singing the Philip Bailey parts on Earth, Wind and Fire's, "September", as well as some background on a few other songs.


Karaoke Revolution 2 Cover

Karaoke Revolution Presents: American Idol Encore 2


With the songs once again being produced by the Bay Area's own, Nick Thomas and Raz Kennedy this is a winning game. And once again yours truly and a host of other Bay Area, California singers are featured on it. This version of the game comes with all-new enhanced and customizable characters. You can catch me this time singing the Bee Gee's classic hit, "Stayin' Alive ".


Selected Discography

These are but a few of the latest projects with which I have had the pleasure of being involved. Most of these CD's are from some incredibly talented independent artists. Please check them out and show your support.

Private Eye CD cover
Private Eye
"Private Eye"
Private Eye - Private Eye
Wayne Wallace CD cover
Wayne Wallace
"The Nature of the Beat"
Wayne Wallace - The Nature of the Beat
Dewayne Pate CD cover
Dewayne Pate
"Melting Pot"
Dewayne Pate - Melting Pot
Young Jeezy CD cover
Young Jeezy
"The Inspiration"
Young Jeezy featuring Keyshia Cole - The Inspiration
Jill Suttie CD cover
Jill Suttie
"Lucky Girl"
Jill Suttie - Lucky Girl
Sakai CD cover
"Dream Big"
Sakai - Dream Big
Rent CD cover
Rent-The Movie
"Rent (Movie Soundtrack)"
Rent - Rent (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Lolita Sweet CD cover
Lolita Sweet
"I'm Taking Applications"
Lolita Sweet - I'm Taking Applications
Lolita Sweet CD cover
Kingdom Travelers
"Kingdom Traveler"
Kingdom Travelers - Kingdom Traveler
Liz Kennedy CD cover
Liz Kennedy
"Clean White Shirt"
Liz Kennedy - Clean White Shirt
Angela Strehli CD cover
Angela Strehli
"Blue Highway"
Angela Strehli - Blue Highway
Cole Davis CD cover
Cole Davis
"Ferris Wheel"
Cole Davis - Ferris Wheel

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